SRX Appliance Support Information



Documentation for the SRX appliance is available in the Customer Portal.


CEC client - Coraid Ethernet Console client (v14)

This CEC client will compile and run on Linux, Solaris, and BSD flavors supporting bpf.

CEC client for Windows - Coraid Ethernet Console client for Windows

This CEC client will install and run on Windows Server 2003 or higher.

DDT - ddt release 9

DDT is a throughput validation program for 2.6 Linux kernels, Solaris, and BSD.

Professional Services

Accelerate your Ethernet SAN deployment with Coraid professional services

Coraid’s professional services are designed to help customers accelerate their adoption and maximize the capabilities of the Coraid EtherDrive platform. Covering a wide range of engagements from basic on-site knowledge transfers to custom-built system deployments, Coraid services help customers optimize performance, reduce risk, and realize the full benefits of Ethernet SAN.

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