Current Drivers

The version numbers of these drivers are unrelated to the version numbers of Linux kernels. Just use the latest aoe6 driver with your 3.x or 2.6 Linux kernel, or the latest aoe4 driver with your 2.4 Linux kernel.
ATA over Ethernet (AoE) Linux driver for all 3.x and 2.6 kernels
aoe6-85.tar.gz   aoe6 Changelog
EtherDrive storage HOWTO for 2.6 and 3.x kernels

Experimental patches are published on The aoe Proving Grounds blog.

The ATA over Ethernet Tools

Starting with version 11, the aoe driver for 3.x and 2.6 Linux kernels includes the aoetools. If you are using a driver downloaded from the above link, you should use the aoetools that come with that driver instead of getting them from sourceforge.

At you can find several programs that are useful to AoE users.

Tips for Specific Distributions

Contributions and Examples

AoE users have contributed scripts to help out others. Check The Contributions Page for items submitted by AoE users.

There are also some advanced examples developed here at Coraid for you to draw from.

Old Drivers

ATA over Ethernet (AoE) Linux driver for 2.4 kernels, 2.4.20 and newer
EtherDrive storage blade HOWTO for 2.4 kernels
(very old) ATA over Ethernet (AoE) Linux driver for 2.6.x kernels
(very old) ATA over Ethernet (AoE) Linux driver for 2.4.x kernels