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EtherDrive® storage and Linux 2.6

Sam Hopkins and Ed L. Cashin {sah,ecashin}

April 2008
Using network data storage with ATA over Ethernet is easy after understanding a few simple concepts. This document explains how to use AoE targets from a Linux-based Operating System, but the basic principles are applicable to other systems that use AoE devices. Below we begin by explaining the key components of the network communication method, ATA over Ethernet (AoE). Next, we discuss the way a Linux host uses AoE devices, providing serveral examples. A list of frequently asked questions follows, and the document ends with supplementary information.

1. The EtherDrive System

2. How Linux Uses The EtherDrive System

3. The ATA over Ethernet Tools

4. EtherDrive storage and Linux Software RAID

5. FAQ (contains important info)

6. Jumbo Frames

7. Appendix A: Archives

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